Who Needs PREV?

If you suffer from pre-run, during the run, or post-run diarrhea, you need PREV. If you have lost time in a race because of continual “bathroom breaks,” then you need PREV. If you have to cut training runs short in order to make it back in time to use the toilet, you need PREV.

Sometimes even short distances, especially races or other stressful runs, can cause runner’s diarrhea to attack. Always keep PREV in your arsenal. PREV can prevent the problem if taken before the run, but it can slow the problem down if you’ve waited until after the onset of the cramping to take your PREV. 

If you suffer from pre-game or pre-competition diarrhea, you need PREV. Soccer players, cyclists, swimmers, tri-athletes—all use PREV to alleviate their pre-game nervous stomachs. 

Do you have to hit the “portable pottys” on race mornings more than you’d like to? For some, the anticipation of the race causes the onset of runner’s diarrhea. Use a dose of PREV to calm your insides down before the gun goes off.

Do you dread your long runs because of how your stomach reacts once you’re done? For some, the cramping and diarrhea don’t hit until after the run is completed. Some runners regularly suffer not during, but after the long run—for several hours. PREV can shut down the running related diarrhea whether it is before, during or after the run.