Solve the Problem

No one is completely sure what causes Runner’s Diarrhea. It could be the pre-race anxiety. It could be the physical bouncing around of the digestive tract. It could be different things for different people. Researchers have studied the phenomenon for years and there is an academic of debate on the specific cause. There’s no debate on this though—PREV works. Whatever causes it, don’t let it beat you. PREVent and PREVail!

Are you careful about what you put in your body? We’re careful about it too--Each of the ingredients in PREV has a special purpose to help calm your digestive tract. PREV is all natural—no chemicals or drugs—just the right combination of herbs and natural flavorings. Chamomile and peppermint have been used for centuries to calm troubled tummies. Modern science, research and development, and extensive testing have combined with experience to produce a formula centered on these tried and true remedies. 

PREV is safe, natural, easy to use, tastes great and additionally, PREV naturally freshens the breath and helps keep “runner’s mouth” at bay.