How Do I Use PREV?

It’s easy to PREVent. Take PREV just before you run. For those with serious problems, or during especially long or hot runs, you can take PREV mid-race as well. You can use PREV post-run if you suffer from diarrhea after a strenuous workout.

One dose of PREV is just one tablespoon. One bottle holds 12 doses. For most runners, one dose taken thirty minutes before a run will prevent runner’s diarrhea. Some runners who experience severe symptoms and will find that one dose will reduce the symptoms but that a second dose mid-run or post-run is needed to completely eliminate the problem.

All of our bodies are unique—and the impact runner’s diarrhea has is different for all of us. There are a few other things you can do to help your tummy out:

-don’t eat in the two hours prior to your run
-hydrate, but not with caffeine or sugary drinks
-reduce fiber intake in the 24 hours before a long or important run
-ease up on dairy in the 24 hours before too—especially if you know dairy upsets your stomach
-figure out the best time to take your PREV, and take it!