PREV is a liquid combination of herbal extracts specifically formulated to shut down your Runner’s Diarrhea before it starts. 

When should I take PREV?

Take PREV just before you run. This can be 30 minutes or less before your run. For those with serious problems, or during especially long or hot runs, you can take PREV mid-run as well. You can use PREV post-run if you suffer from diarrhea after a strenuous workout. One dose of PREV is just one tablespoon.

How Often Can I Take PREV?

You can take PREV every day. The all-natural herbal solution is safe, effective and will calm your digestive tract whenever it feels uneasy. Customers have reported success with PREV from a variety of non-sports related stomach upsets as well. We recommend that you do not exceed 6 does per day. Each bottle holds 12 doses.

How Can I Buy PREV?

You can order PREV online—on this site, and at your local running store. If you don’t see it on the shelves, ask for it by name. Contact us through the form on this site to get information on how to get it in your store, or for the contact info for a PREV-carrying store near you.

What Does PREV Taste Like?

The flavor is a smooth peppermint flavor with undertones of ginger. It feels great in the mouth and keeps your breath fresh even during the long run. It is a thin consistency—a little thicker than water, but not much. Definitely not gooey or thick.

Does Taking PREV Make That Big of a Difference?

Absolutely! Customer after customer has sent us emails letting us know that PREV has changed the way they train and race. You don’t have to wait a few weeks to see the difference. PREV literally starts working in minutes. If you’ve been suffering, PREV will change the way your stomach feels on a run, the very first time you use it.