So What is PREV?
Who Needs PREV?
PREV is a liquid combination of herbal extracts specifically formulated to shut down your Runner’s Diarrhea before it starts. The smooth mint flavor and thin consistency help PREV to go down easily. Two years of development and testing culminate in this essential product for long-distance runners. How many races or training runs have you lost to this problem that affects 30% of long distance runners? PREV was designed and tested by runners to help you get the most out of your run. Don’t be held back by Runner’s Diarrhea. One dose before your run puts you in charge of how long you go—don’t let your need for a bathroom dictate the length or course of your run.
If you suffer from pre-run, during the run, or post-run diarrhea, you need PREV. If you have lost time in a race because of continual "bathroom breaks," then you need PREV. If you have to cut training runs short in order to make it back in time to use the toilet, you need PREV.